*Stick Horse Barrels (YOU Provide Stick Horse) 4

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Insect Repellent - For the Horse Horses-store.com *Stick Horse Barrels (YOU Provide Stick Horse) 4

Or $60 All Day Fee- One Horse/One Rider $_________ *Day of Show: $7 X ______ # Classes = $__________ Or $70 All Day Fee- One Horse/One Rider $_________ Cash or Check # __________ Total $_________ NO Refunds (Each Additional Horse is Pay per Class) Bring your chairs/snacks Must be Post Marked by 3/13/2013 for Pre-Registration Circle Age Group(s) & Classes: (Classes will run in numerical order) *No Horse Required **Requires a Partner PEEWEE (10&Under) YOUTH (18 & Under) OPEN (Any Age) 1. *Gummy Worm Race 2. *Boot Race 3. *Stick Horse Barrels (YOU Provide Stick Horse) 4.

Egg & Spoon 7.

Pole Bending 10.

Keyhole Race 13.

Stake Race 16.

Musical Feed Bags 19.

Loveliest Lipstick (YOU Provide Lipstick) 22.

Texas Barrels 25.

Arena Race 28.

Powdered Donut Race 31.

Bucket Race 34.

Cones 37.

Tunnel Race 40.

Clover Leaf Barrels 43.

Pants on the Goat** 46.

Toilet Paper Race** 49.

Pick-Up Race** 52.

Ride-a-Buck 5.

Egg & Spoon 8.

Pole Bending 11.

Keyhole Race 14.

Stake Race 17.

Musical Feed Bags 20.

Loveliest Lipstick (YOU Provide Lipstick) 23.

Texas Barrels 26.

Arena Race 29.

Powdered Donut Race 32.

Bucket Race 35.

Cones 38.

Tunnel Race 41.

Clover Leaf Barrels 44.

Pants on the Goat** 47.

Toilet Paper Race** 50.

Pick-Up Race** 53.

Ride-a-Buck 6.

Egg & Spoon 9.

Pole Bending 12.

Keyhole Race 15.

Stake Race 18.

Musical Feed Bags 21.

Loveliest Lipstick (YOU Provide Lipstick) 24.

Texas Barrels 27.

Arena Race 30.

Powdered Donut Race 33.

Bucket Race 36.

Cones 39.

Tunnel Race 42.

Clover Leaf Barrels 45.

Pants on the Goat** 48.

Toilet Paper Race** 51.

Pick-Up Race** 54.

Ride-a-Buck JASPER COUNTY 4-H HORSE CLUB AGREEMENT FOR RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY FOR MYSELF AND/OR MY MINOR CHILD I request permission for myself and/or my child, named below, to participate in 2013 4-H Horse Show sponsored by the Jasper County 4-H Horse Club on Sat.

March 23, 2013. I fully understand that any horse activity can be a dangerous activity.

I wish to allow myself and/or my child to participate in this activity knowing that it is dangerous.

I accept and assume all of the risks of injury (including death) to myself and/or my child or my property.

I represent and warrant that I have the authority to give this release. In exchange for myself and/or my child being permitted to participate in this activity, for my child, myself, my child’s heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, I release and agree not to make or bring any claim of any kind against the Jasper County 4-H Horse Club for any injury (including death), to my child or any damage to my property whether from anyone’s negligence or not, or any other cause, arising out of myself and/or my child’s participation in this activity; and I also agree that if anyone makes any claims because of any injury to myself or my child (including death), or for any damage to my property, I will keep all of these related released by this agreement free of any damages or costs because of those claims. WARNING UNDER GEORGIA LAW, AN EQUINE ACTIVITY SPONSOR OR EQUINE PROFESSIONAL IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INJURY TO OR THE DEATH OF A PARTICIPANT IN EQUINE ACTIVITIES RESULTING FROM THE INHERENT RISKS OF EQUINE ACTIVITIES, PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 12 OF TITLE 4 OF THE OFFICIAL CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED. — SHOW RULES Show management has the right to split or combine classes and to dismiss unruly riders, horses, or guests. Current negative Coggins is required for any horses on grounds!! PEE WEE: 10 years of age & under (as of January 1, 2013).

May also show in Youth (18 & under). YOUTH: 18 years of age & under.

May also show in Open (Any Age). OPEN: Any age rider. FUN CLASSES: *Gummy Worm- Find Gummy Worm in plate of Cool Whip using mouth only.

Fastest time wins. *Boot Race- Boots are in a pile.

Kids find their boots, put on & run back to finish. *Stick Horse Race- Bring your own Stick Horse to run around the barrels. *Egg and Spoon- Riders hold an egg in a spoon.

Walk, Jog/Trot & Lope/Canter.

Last one to drop egg wins. *Musical Feed Bags- Musical chairs with horses.

Last one out wins.

NO RUNNING INTO OTHERS! *Loveliest Lipstick- Riders must continually apply lipstick during entire class.

Prizes given for best and worst application. *Powdered Donut Race- Rider must go to end of arena and take bite of suspended powdered donut without using hands.

Fastest time wins. *Bucket Race- Rider walks across buckets lined up, while leading horse, without falling off or knocking over the buckets. *Tunnel Race- Rider must ride to tunnel dismount, crawl through tunnel, remount, and ride back to finish timed.

Fastest time wins. *Pants on the Goat- 2 riders on 1 horse, ride to goat, dismount, put ‘pants’ on the goat, remount & ride back to timer.

Fastest time wins. *Toilet Paper Race- Teams of 2 riders/2 horses hold toilet paper at each end & W, T, C horses without paper breaking.

Last team with intact paper wins. *Pick-Up Race- One person stands on barrel, other rides horse down to barrel, picks up partner & runs back to timer.

Fastest time wins. *Ride a Buck- Riders ride bareback holding a dollar bill with leg.

Last one to lose dollar wins. ASTM Helmets are required for all English, Jumping and Contest/Fun Classes.

Helmets are recommended for all other riders of all ages.

Boots with heels must be worn in all classes.

All participants must wear long pants. Please tie a red ribbon on horses that kick! No stallions will be allowed.

No alcoholic beverages anywhere on the show property.

Dogs must be leashed.

Please leave entry gate clear and place all trash in appropriate bins. DIRECTIONS: From Monticello Square- (Use MapQuest) Kelly Cattle Co.

Arena – 1131 Jordan Rd.

Monticello, GA 31064 From the Monticello Square- at the Red Light:

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    Horses-Store.com and  *Stick Horse Barrels (YOU Provide Stick Horse)    4
    Horses-Store.com - *Stick Horse Barrels (YOU Provide Stick Horse) 4
    Horses-Store.com and  *Stick Horse Barrels (YOU Provide Stick Horse)    4
    Horses-Store.com - *Stick Horse Barrels (YOU Provide Stick Horse) 4