” That don’t mean nothing; a mule did that one day

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EDMONTON, ALBERTA 57-0807 E-18 It used to be wrong for Holiness people, and Methodists, and the people that tried to live right, the women to wear manicure, or ever what you call that stuff you put on your face.

I know that’s the wrong word, but I can’t never think of it.

Anyhow, it used to be wrong, but now you can’t tell one from the other.

It used to be wrong for the Christian women to bob their hair.

Something went wrong somewhere.

The Bible says it’s wrong.

Now, either you’ve got out of the harness, or your pastor got out of the will of God and quit preaching it.

But that’s the truth, and the Holy Spirit bears record before God.

That’s right. It used to be wrong for the people to go out to picture shows and entertainments of the world.

But today you can’t tell one from the other.

People will miss prayer meeting to attend some kind of a lodge meeting.

And how in the world can a Christian, who calls themself a child of God, ever go into these places to eat, and so forth, these little old nickelodeons, and play them rotten songs of Elvis Presley’s, and all of those things that talk about being shook up.

I tell you; you’re going to be shook up one of these days, and that’s true. E-19 But how, not only the young folks, but grandma and grandpa does it.

That’s right.

Babysitters, while mama and papa is out gatting around over the country…

And on Sunday morning they go to church with a long, sanctimonious face.

What you need’s a good, old fashion Holy Spirit shaking, is what this country needs.

You know that’s truth. SIRS WE WOULD SEE JESUS.


IN 61-1224 34-1 The churches–the churches are swapping Christ for the world and creeds.

The church is on a swapping program.

Oh, they sure want to–to swap.

Yes, sir.

They’ll go and they’ll swap.

They want–on a swapping program.

They want to swap what God says for what the denomination says.

They want to swap what God says to the–follow the pastor.

They want to swap what God says to the–follow the organization.

They’re swapping.

Do you know what? The people’s shopping.

Oh, there’s a big commercial going on now.

It’s another Christmas, just a bogus made-up. (We had just a little more time, I’m going to get back on this subject again one day.

Passing too much up here that the Holy Spirit give me awhile ago.

See?) While the church is swapping, the church is shopping, the people are, so-called church.

Yes, sir.

They’re swapping; they sure are.

Shopping and swapping, they’re shopping for what? The biggest church, the best dressed crowd, the biggest denomination.

And the people (I’m going to say something.), the people is trying to find (even Pentecostals)… 34-3 The Pentecostal women is trying to find a place that they’ll let them get by with more things of the world: shorts, bobbed hair, paint.

They’re shopping. “Bless God, I’m Pentecostal.

Hallelujah, I belong to this,” and; “Oh, our pastor don’t believe…” See? You’re shopping for the ones that’ll let them live the dirtiest (God, have mercy.), the one will let them live the filthiest and the most like the world that they can.

They’re shopping from place to place, turning down Christ.

That might grind like everything.

It was meant to do it. The people’s shopping.

They’re Christmas shopping where they can find bargains, bargain hunters. “Well, I’m Pentecostal too.

Well, we don’t have that old narrow-minded stuff.” But the Bible says so. If he’s a true disciple of Christ, he’ll lead you to the cross. “Oh, Brother Branham, I went out and spoke in tongues.” That don’t mean nothing; a mule did that one day.

Yes, sir.


Yeah, I don’t mean to make fun of God’s holy Word.

I believe in speaking in tongues, but devils speak with tongues.

A people can speak in tongues and live any kind of a life.

But I mean that the devil’s got a–a copy of everything that God did.

And he can copy everything but the genuine birth of Christ; and he can’t do that, ’cause you have to die first, then the Word raises you up.

How do you know when you’re alive? When that Word, every word of It’s made flesh in you; everything that the Bible says, you say the same thing, and it comes to pass, just exactly like He said it.

That’s when it is.

When you–when your spirit agrees with Him (He is the Word.), when your spirit agrees with what He said and the Spirit makes Itself manifest through His Word, then you’re living.

See? You’re through shopping then, and swapping, and all the rest of it.

It’s all settled. 35-2 Yes, the people are shopping to find where they can live the worldliest at: Pentecostals and all.

Don’t you Pentecostals make fun of them Baptists and Presbyterian.

Pot can’t call kettle dirty.

No, sir.

No, indeedy.

It’s all the same. So they’re shopping to find where they can go into a church and join an organization, that they can be popular, well thought of in the city, the mayor of the city goes to the church (which now, he could go to a church and be borned again.

Now, I’m just saying in–in the run), the biggest church in the city. I know people right today that belong to a little organization up here on the road, a little church, but it was too little; so they said, “So our–our children will–and we can be a little better thought of,” they took their letter from one church and went down to another, a bigger organization.

And besides, this other one had a picture show in the basement and they had play bunco, and everything like that, you know, and have these games, and so forth like that.

So they got the children down there; they had a–got a pool table down in the bottom (See?) so they can play pool, and have recreation, and things like that, and have a ten minute Sunday school class and a coffee break, and a break so the pastor can smoke cigarettes, get outside.

Oh, yes, that’s right; I wouldn’t say it ‘less I knowed what I was talking about.

That’s right.

Oh, sure.

See, they’re shopping. 36-1 If they can go ahead and live the kind of life that they want to live, do anything they want to, and still be promised Eternal Life hereafter, they’re shopping for that.

I’m telling you: if you want to shop, come to Calvary.

That settles it.

Die to your dirty self, your sins, and be borned again anew. “And if you love the world or the things of the world, the love of God’s not even in you.” That’s what the Bible says.

That’s right. Say, “I don’t believe in holiness.” No wonder you can’t.

But the Bible said, without it no man shall see God.

God’s holy.

If God lives in you, you’re holy too.

And tell me you can go out on these parties and drink a little sociable drink.

Why, the Pentecostals do that: go out on these parties, and take them women out there and live in these places, and go down and strip theirself off in bathing suits, and go in swimming before men, when your husbands, and brothers, and sisters and so forth, and Pentecostal people going out in bathing suits and calling yourself a member of the Bride? The Bride of Christ don’t do them things. DOOR IN A DOOR.

TUCSON, AZ 63-0223 E-67 I said to our ladies one time about…

Not as I got against the ladies, they’re our sisters.

But I’m zealous of this church.

When I see the worldliness like Sodom coming into it, then I have to cry out against it.

There’s something inside that my heart bleeds and I cry out, “Don’t fashion after Marilyn Monroe, or some of these women there.

Do like Sarah in the Bible.

See?” Don’t try to be Mr.

Some–Something or other, run over the platform and carry on, and–and try to dress like some bandbox, and…?…

And carry…


We got too much Hollywood showmanism in Pentecost.

That’s right.

We need the Holy Ghost.

Now, you might not love me; you might not want me back again.

But this is an opportunity to speak truth, and this is truth.

Try it.

Find out if it’s not so. Some lady said, “It’s my own American privilege.” I said, “But you’ll forfeit that.” HOW CAN I OVERCOME.


IN 63-0825M 145 We’re sometimes tempted to go back.

Many of you, tempted to go back to the denominations, go back and take up, ’cause all the world’s saying, “What denomination you belong to? What church are you affiliated with?” We’re tempted to do that.

All of us are.

Our sisters are tempted to go back, go back and join up with the–some of the rest of the churches, with some of Assemblies, or Churches of God, or some of them, still be Pentecostal and let your hair; just cut off and dress just about any way you want to.

See, you’re tempted to do that, go back and be popular with this wicked generation that we’re living with, when this is the major sin of our day, the major sin among our people, worldliness.

As the Bible said the Laodicea–Laodicea age was, she’s worldly, rich, have need of nothing, and don’t know that she’s naked, miserable, wretched, blind.

That’s the sin of our day.

When you hear the Word of God call out against it, then you take the other route, you’re unpopular with the world. 146 You’re tempted to go back.

I know you keep saying to me.

I know you’re saying all the time…

I know you get tired of me harping on these things.

I get tired seeing you do it too.

This sin that I’m trying to tell you about…

Say, “What are you harping on it for?” Stop doing it then.

Trying to save your life by the Word.

I get tired also.

So just straighten up.

This is a sin, shouldn’t be done.

Yes, sir. — 20.

Hybrid cannot reproduce itself. [Genesis 1:11-12] CONDEMNATION BY REPRESENTATION.


IN 60-1113 10-1 Somehow, while thinking on that, riding along by myself, and you can’t keep your radio on no more because especially in localities where there’s just every station’s this old boogie woogie music and all that stuff, you know, the rock-and-roll, and you just don’t have… ‘Less you just happen to tune in just at the hour and you get the news and weather, then you have to turn it off again.

So I believe maybe the Lord was helping me, and I wrote on the back of my road map, “hybrid” because something struck me when I looked at it.

Such fine great big grains of corn, I thought, “That’s so much different than the corn we used to raise.” Everything becomes a hybrid.

But did you know that it’s no good? It has no life in it.

It cannot reproduce itself again.

You can’t plant hybrid corn.

If you do, you–you’ve got just a little dwarf field, because it’s been hybrid. Then I got up into the mountain, and–and one of the guides that was with me, he was a chicken raiser, and he–raising chickens.

Then he just guided up in the mountains for the pastime: very fine man. And when he learned that I was a preacher, why quickly he begin to speak to me on hybrid chickens.

Then when he did that, that brought back my little text wrote down on my road map, “hybrid.” Well, while laying in our camp bags in the snow, up in the mountain, I said to him. “I would like to learn more about such chickens.” “Well,” he said, “science has really done a great thing.” Said, “They have bred chickens with different things until they got to a place till it’s barely no legs on the chickens or no wings on the chickens.

It’s just all breast.” But he said, “The bad part comes now that people don’t want it, because it’s too soft a meat, and the chicken only lives one year, and it dies.

It’s almost dead to start with.” You see, it’s hybreeding.

It’s not right: no good. And most people now, who wants to have a delicious chicken dinner, goes out in the country and buys themselves a chicken that’s got feet, can scratch and wings can fly; and it’s–it’s–it’s a chicken, the way that God made it.

But it’s the hybreeding of the chicken has brought it to just breast, and it topples around, and has to keep it on screen.

They can’t put it out; it can’t scratch.

It can’t make its living.

And the meat has so bad till they can’t use it; and if the chicken is made a laying chicken, its eggs will not hatch.

And then another thing, the chicken lays itself to death in a year; it only lives a year.

And I thought, “Well now, that’s some chicken.” Hybreeding, tearing up what God has made. Then we had a string of mules that we packed with, and I noticed that the mule is hybrid also.

Don’t never lay it on God a-making a mule.

God never had anything to do with that.

No, that was man.

The mule don’t know where he belongs.

He–he can’t reproduce himself again.

He’s–he’s a hybrid.

See, he–he don’t know who his father was nor his mother was, and he can’t reproduce again.

He’s just a mule and he’s on the skidrow to death.

And no matter how much he tries to bring forth his kind, he can’t do it. 11-2 That’s all contrary to God’s Word.

God said here in Genesis 1:11. “Let every seed bring of its kind, for the life is in itself.” Let every seed bring of its kind.

But man is trying to show that he’s smarter than his Creator.

He wants to prove that he knows more about this thing than God does.

So therefore, he’s constantly, through science, trying to show God that he knows more about it than He does.

And God just lets him go on through his scientific research; and in doing so, he kills himself.

God lets his own ignorance kill himself. My mother, back there, used to say, “Give the cow enough rope; it hangs itself.” Well, that’s true; and you just let…

God just let man go on and hang himself with his own foolishness.

You’ll never be smarter than God.

God knows what’s right.

But men through hybreeding are trying to produce a better product than what God created. Now, God, when He created His church, He created a Pentecostal church.

That was the original: A Pentecostal church filled with the Holy Ghost, men and women led by the Spirit of God.

Man couldn’t leave that alone.

He wanted to hybreed the church.

So he bred in the world with it: theology, doctrines, denominations.

Oh sure, it makes a prettier church, my, yes, how much different it is from the original church. Oh, we got big buildings, educated preachers, the better class of the people the up-and-up, better dressed, putting their names in it and their money in it to keep it up-and-up, sending their ministers to seminaries to polish up their scholarships and theology, all the time taking them farther away from God. That wasn’t God’s plan in the beginning.

He never sent one of them to any seminary.

He sent them to an upper room to wait there until the Holy Ghost came upon them to be ordained ministers of the Lord.

But hybreeding, bringing the church to theology, instead of letting the Holy Spirit lead it, they bred in bishops, general overseers, when the Holy Spirit is God’s original Leader of the church.

But they hybrid the church like they did the chicken, like they did the mule, like they did everything else: hybreeding it, making it different, breeding in the world, the things of the world, basketball games, and soup suppers, and–and bunco games, and all kinds of things of the world.

It’s true it’s prettier; it’s a bigger building, a polished class of people.

Their singing may be more orderly in the notes and so forth than the–the old fashion Pentecostal with the tambourine and the guitar, but it hasn’t got the seed.

It hasn’t got the ring to it.

They explain away all of it. “This is better than that was.” Like they tried the hybrid corn, “It’s better than the old was.” It wasn’t better.

The life in it wasn’t better.

The outside might’ve looked better, but the life wasn’t right; and we’re talking about life. 12-1 The life isn’t right in hybreeding.

God wants it in the way that He made it at the beginning.

So the church has been hybrid.

And now, it comes to a place to where that the church is more like a lodge than it is like a Pentecostal blessing. PERSEVERANT.

SALEM, OR 62-0719E E-64 I read a piece in the “Reader’s Digest” not long ago, where people–our women eating this hybrid beef, hybrid corn, and all that stuff, corn flakes, that they’re growing narrower in the hips.

And twenty years from now, if something isn’t done, science says that the woman cannot have her baby.

It’s a killing.

Anything that’s hybrid is wrong. I come down…

I seen a great big sign on, said, “Funk’s (or something like that) Hybrid Corn, the best.” Great big, fine ears, but it’s no good.

It’s not worth nothing.

You try to plant it over and see what’ll happen. Now, that takes science and proves their own argument’s wrong about the origin of man.

You take anything and cross breed it, hybreed it, and it can’t breed itself back again.

You take a–a mare horse and breed it to a jack, and it’ll bring forth a mule.

But that mule cannot breed back and get another mule.

It kills it right there.

That’s right. And anything I think is ignorant is a mule, a hybrid: great big old long ears, set there.

You know, you can’t tell them nothing.

Got too much mule religion today.

That’s what’s the matter with the world.

They set there with that long sanctimonious face, you know, and say…

I say…

Preach the Divine healing, and the power of God, and they say, “Haw, haw.

Days of miracles is past.

I don’t believe that old stuff.

Don’t you…

Haw, haw.” Just old, ignorant, mule religion.

That’s all.

Don’t know where you come from…

You can’t never teach him nothing.

No matter, he will wait all of his life to get to kick you ‘fore he dies.

You know that. I’ve handled horses, worked on a ranch.

I know what I’m talking about.

The thing’s just an old ignoramus.

But let…

You don’t know where he come from.

He don’t know who his pappy is, who his mammy is, or nothing else. That’s the way with some of these hybrid religions today.

They don’t know who their papa is.

Say, “Are you a Christian?” “I’m Methodist.” “I’m Baptist.” “I’m Presbyterian.

I’m…” Oh, you don’t even know where you come from. E-66 But oh, how I love a good thoroughbred horse.

Brother, he can tell you…

They can look on his pedigree, and you can see who his papa was, his grandpapa, and his grandmamma, all the way back because he’s a thoroughbred. I like to see a real thoroughbred Christian that’s born of the Word of God.

He knows where he come from; he knows who his father is; he knows who his mother is.

It’s not some social denomination.

It’s the power of God, the Son of God.

He died to himself, and he’s born again a new birth.

He’s a new creature in Christ Jesus.

He’s gentle.

You can tell him something; he will punctuate every Word of God with an “Amen.” GOD’S ONLY PROVIDED PLACE OF WORSHIP.

SHREVEPORT, LA 65-1128M 193 Now, then, Him in view, we see now all denominations and creeds left behind; for He is the pure, unchangeable Word of God, which is the unleavened bread: St.

John 1.

That’s right.

He’s the unleavened Bread.

So you add this, or add that, it’s a leavened added to that what’s already been originally give for you. Looky here.

What’s killing the race today? They take and hybreed things.

And when you hybreed it, you kill it. “Oh, it looks more pretty.” Sure.

Hybrid corn: corn flakes, all the other cereals that comes out of corn…

Hybrid corn: great, big, nice long stalks, and great big ears, look like twice as good as the other.

But it’s death.

Science even has found that out.

See? Don’t cross it; it’ll kill you. Now, here, let me show you.

The other day I was watering some flowers in my yard.

And the lady had some hybrid flowers that was in a little pot here, a little planter at the side of the house.

We have to water them things at least three times a week, or four, or they’ll die.

And there stood the original plant out in the yard.

And it hasn’t rained there for six months, just as dry…

If it rains, in ten minutes you can blow dust.

But that little fellow laying out there just prettier and brighter than the hybrid was with all the water.

You keep that water off of him, he’ll die.

But where did he get his water? And another thing, you have to go all along spraying them every day or two to keep the lice off of him.

They don’t, the lice will eat him up, he’s so tender and soft.

But there ain’t a louse that’ll get on that original.

No, no.

He’ll crawl up to him and crawl away.

He’s original.

See what the hybreeding has done? 196 That’s the same thing in the church.

They’re trying to mix the denomination with the Word, to make the–try to make the Word say what the denomination says.

And when you do that, you have to spray them, and baby them, and–and give them gold stars to come to Sunday school, and everything else.

That’s right.

When a genuine, borned again Christian’s borned with the Word of God, he’s rugged, can’t kill him.

The lice and things of the world don’t bother him.

He’s a eagle; he flies plumb apast it (See?), soars in the heavenly.



CHAPTER 4 124-1 The Smyrnaean church had drifted far from the original.

It had become a hybrid.

It had hybridized itself the way Eve did.

You know that a hybrid is what comes of two species mixing.

The result is no longer pure like the original.

It is mongrel.

Well, when Eve allowed the beast to mingle his seed with hers she produced a creature called Cain that wasn’t pure human.

He was of the WICKED ONE.

Notice how different he was from Abel.

Notice how different he was from Seth.

He hated God and would not obey the Word and persecuted and killed the righteous.

He set himself up above the Word of God.

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