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3) 4) 5) 82.


A] The changes of pace and speed should be clearly shown at the prescribed marker; they should be quickly made, yet must be smooth and not abrupt.

The cadence of a pace should be maintained up to the moment when the pace is changed, or the horse halts.

B] The same applies to transitions from one movement to another, for instance from the passage to the piaffe and vice versa. 39 DI Rulebook.

Valid 1 January 2012 C] The primary requirement is that transitions are fluent.

The higher the level of test the greater the emphasis is of them being direct.

Therefore PROGRESSIVE transitions at the lower levels can still earn high marks, but from ELEMENTARY onwards the highest marks should be reserved for the fluent, direct transitions. 83.


The half-halt is a hardly visible, almost simultaneous, coordinated action of the seat, the legs and the hand of the rider, with the object of increasing the attention and balance of the horse in the execution of several movements or transitions to lower and higher paces.

In shifting slightly more weight onto the horse’s quarters, the engagement of the hind legs and the balance on the haunches are facilitated, for the benefit of the lightness of the forehand, and the ho rse’s balance as a whole. 84.

THE CHANGES OF DIRECTION. 1) At changes of direction, the horse should adjust the bend of his body to the curvature of the line he follows, remaining supple and following the indications of the rider, without any resistance or change of pace, rhythm or speed.

Changes of direction can be executed in the following ways: When changing direction at right angles, for instance when riding corners, the horse should describe one quarter of a circle of approximately 6 metres diameter, at collected and working paces.

When changing direction in the form of counter-change of hand, the rider changes direction by moving obliquely either to the quarter line, or the centre line, or to the opposite long side of the arena, after which he returns on an oblique line to the line he was following when he started the movement.

At the counter-change of hand the rider should make the horse straight an instant before changing direction.

When, for instance, at counter-change of hand at half pass to either side of the centre line, the number of metres or strides to either side is prescribed in the test, it must be strictly observed and the movement executed symmetrically. 2) a) b) c) d) 85.


The figures asked for in Dressage tests are the Voltes, the Serpentines and the Figure of Eight. 1.


The volte is a circle of 6, 8 or 10 metres diameter, if larger than 10 meters one uses the term Circle, stating the diameter. 2.Serpentine.

The Serpentine with several loops touching the long side of the arena consists of half circles connected by straight linesconsists of.

Half circles connected by a straight line.

When crossing the centre line the horse should be parallel to the short side.

Depending on the size of the half circles, the straight connection varies in length.

Serpentines with one loop on the long side of the arena are executed with a specified distance (eg 5m, 10m) distance from the track.

Serpentines around the centre line are executed between the quarter lines.

Figures of eight.

This figure consists of two exact voltes or circles of equal size, as prescribed in the test, joined at the centre of the eight.

The rider should make his horse straight an instant before changing direction at the centre of the figure. 40 DI Rulebook.

Valid 1 January 2012 86.

WORK movements; a.



Leg yielding Shoulder-in Travers

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