This is a really nice broke horse that is used to doing a day’s work

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Mr San Peppy Sugar Badger Docs Remedy Miss Brooks Bar Colonel Freckles Lynx N Lace Mr San Doc San Bar None Freckle Doctor Doctors Debutant – AQHA Sissy San Doc LOT 302 EVER SO COWBOY AQHA #4224151 2002 PALOMINO GELDING PROPERTY OF MARTY PAPE Ever So Cowboy is a very pretty, gentle, quick footed palomino gelding.

He has been used for the past two years in a feed yard and yearling operations in Mason, TX.

He has been used to ride pens, rope and doctor outside cattle, sort both in an alley and out in the pasture and load trucks.

He is gentle every day and easy to shoe and load.

He will really watch a cow or run to one to rope.

He has been lightly started both heading and heeling but has never had a tie-down on.

He was the Top Horse of the Llano County Ranch Rodeo in October of 2009.

This is a really nice broke horse that is used to doing a day’s work.

Would be a really nice team penner or sorter or a nice team roping horse.

SIRE: Ever So Peppy … He is sired by Smart Little Lena, $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown.

Equistat #1 All-Time Leading Cutting sire, an NRHA All-Time Leading Sire and a AllTime Leading Reined Cowhorse Sire, siring the earners of over $37,400,000.

Equi-Stat #1 Leading Cutting Maternal Grandsire whose daughters have produced earners of $36,200,000.

His get includes Red White And Boon, $930,954, NCHA Open Derby Reserve Champion, 5-time NCHA Non-Pro World Champion, AQHA Amateur World Champion; Smart Peppy Lena (APHA), $495,600, NCHA Non-Pro Co-Reserve World Champion; and many others. 81 Smart Little Lena Ever So Peppy – AQHA Crystals Lil Peppy Doc O’Lena Smart Peppy Peppy San Badger Hollywood Crystal King Hankins Poco Golden Hornet Halftime Stats Union Bars Lady Kings Relief Toliver Mare KR003 – AQHA Halftime Stats Polly LOT 303 FISHIN FOR CHICS AQHA #4844919 2005 GRAY GELDING PROPERTY OF STEVE STEVENS Fishin For Chics is a gorgeous gray horse that is a cowboy’s right hand.

He is Mark’s first choice to ride for a day’s work, so he’s been camped on and knows the job.

He’s a pro at gates, sorting, penning, and roping cows in the pasture, dragging a steer, turning back at a cutting, or packing the kids around.

This is the horse with color, all the necessary work skills, a willing attitude and great disposition.

He will be demonstrated by Mark Mills.

Mark Mills has been a cutting horse trainer for over 25 years with a successful training and showing operation just west of Houston, Texas.

He’s ridden many horses to an NCHA Top Ten in the World standings and coached as many youth, amateur, and non-pro riders to the same.

He is nearly to the finish line of winning $1 million in lifetime earnings over the course of his cutting career and will soon be inducted into the NCHA Hall of Fame.

SIRE: Fishers Dash …He is by First Down Dash, SI-105, 15 starts, 13 wins, 1 second, $857,256, Stakes Winner of 8 races.

DAM: Little Chiclena … She is by Smart Little Lena, $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown Champion, and the sire of the earners of over $37,400,000. First Down Dash Fishers Dash – AQHA Fishers Favorite — Doc Tari Lintons Lady Doc Doc Quixote Chickasha Anita Freckles Playboy Miss Silver Pistol Shorty Lena Lady Bar Glo Playgun Happy Guns – AQHA Shorty Lady Lena LOT 314 JUSTA CAMISETA AQHA #3828487 1999 SORREL GELDING PROPERTY OF FRED BRAY RANCH Justa Camiseta, aka “Junior”, is one of the nicest geldings that we have ever owned.

He is an absolutely beautiful horse with white on all four feet and a blazed face.

We have owned him for almost 3 years and he has never offered to buck even if you keep him stalled for lengthy periods.

Junior will ride the best, has an extremely smooth way of traveling, will really be broke in the bridle, has great fence work, can spin a hole in the ground and will cut a cow good enough to take to the cutting.

In addition he can do the smoothest lead changes you will ever see and can lay down a very impressive sliding stop.

We have used him to gather cattle in the pasture and sort in the pens, work gates and everything else required of him.

This has been my wife Julie’s personal horse and she has shown him in the Stock Horse of Texas and The American Stock Association winning first place in reining at the world show in 2008.

She has shown him many times and done very good most every time.

She has also ridden him on large organized trail rides and has ridden him in the mountains, through creeks, the woods, etc.

This is truly a superb horse that you will be proud to own and he will make you look good riding him.

If you are looking for a pretty horse that is trained the absolute very best and one that you can show in many different events, then here he is. 87 Peppy San Badger Camiseta Badger – AQHA Camiseta Mr San Peppy Sugar Badger Otoe Chico La Camisa Zan Parr Express Just A Flirt On Guard Riata Del Rancho Justa Parr Express Reina De Express – AQHA Reina Guard LOT 315 WINNIN RIDE APHA #583956 2000 BAY TOBIANO GELDING PROPERTY OF MARTY MCCORMICK Winnin Ride is a big and stout 15.2 hand gelding that is just at home dragging a bull to the trailer as he is turning a steer in the arena.

He won 8th place in the 2009 APHA World Show Amateur Heading and was also used as a turn back horse in the 2009 NCHA Futurity.

He is gentle enough for the entire family to use on the weekend. 100% sound.

Marty McCormick operates a training facility near Weaterford, Texas, where he concentrates on producing true, top of the line working horses for the public.

Marty’s horses are known for being started the correct way, learning the basics first before advancing on to the more demanding disciplines.

Good working horses can always be found available at Marty’s place and he always strives to fit the horse to the person.

Marty has been successful at starting a lot of young horses that have gone on to excel in NCHA, AQHA, APHA, NRHA and NRCHA competition.

Marty spends long hours with his horses and brings them along slowly so that their training stays with them for their entire lifetime.

When you drive up to Marty’s place you can almost always find him teaching what he believes will be the next Champion to leave his barn and go bigger places. Impressiver Dude Panhandel Rider – APHA Cates Angel Two — Doc Bar Puro’s Linda Mr Linton Jim Bar Yucca Jewel’s Leo Bars Gay Jay Pure Tari Ima Peppy Dodger Freckles Playboy Tasmanian Playgirl – AQHA Tasmanian Tari LOT 320 NU TRASH AQHA #4649154 2005 SORREL GELDING PROPERTY OF LONE TREE RANCH Nu Trash, aka “Trash”, is the perfect picture of an athlete.

He has been ridden and worked, on the ranch doing cattle work, by both Klay and Doug.

You can rope a yearling in the pasture and he will hold it when you step off.

He is very intelligent and consistent.

Marlene has started him on the barrels and he already can lope a perfect pattern.

Trash is gentle, honest and will make a great horse to do anything you want to use him for.

We invite you to Trash’s stall to see the video of him at work and visit with Marlene, Doug or Klay about this exceptional gelding.

The Lone Tree Ranch main headquarters is in eastern Colorado and has been in business since 1973.

The ranch also operates one of their horse divisions in Kerrville, Texas.

The Lone Tree Ranch is a working cattle ranch that concentrates on excellence in equine development, specializing in well broke performance and barrel racing horses.

Their horses are trained to do any job a person wants to use them for.

In the past 30 plus years, Doug and Marlene McRae have won many awards riding great horses.

Marlene is a past World Champion Barrel Racer, two time Olympic Gold Medalist and has qualified 10 times to the National Finals Rodeo.

She rides, trains and teaches horsemanship and barrel racing every day, all over the world.

Doug is a PRCA Circuit Champion Calf Roper and manages the Lone Tree Ranch. 90 Nu Cash The Nu Colonel – AQHA Malbeckin Colonel Freckles Nu Rendition Doc’s Malbec Munchkin Rondo Leo Kansas Cindy Poco Pine Yuma Toi Mr Gun Smoke Miss Pixie Smoke – AQHA Pixie Toi LOT 321 PADRES ANGEL JOE AQHA #3702824 1998 DUN GELDING PROPERTY OF BUTTON CRISWELL Padres Angel Joe comes right off of our yearling operation in the panhandle of Texas.

We keep a good string of geldings that are used daily in this operation.

We depend on them heavily.

During the course of a year we may rope and doctor 2,000 to 3,000 head off of these horses.

They are seasoned at gathering, sorting, doctoring, loading trucks and any other task that may present itself that must be performed horseback.

Many of our geldings can rope and trip just about anything out in big pastures.

We have even roped a few Pronghorn Antelope for fun in real deep snow off of some of our geldings.

From time to time we market a few of our geldings to the public like we are doing here today.

This is not because something is wrong with them.

It is our way of making room for the two and threeyear-olds that we have coming into the work force.

If we keep all of the seasoned horses, then we have a way of not riding the two and three-year-olds to make good horses out of them.

The gelding we have here today has seen and done everything you can possibly imagine in a ranch setting and yearling operation.

He is a true ranch horse in every sense of the word. Padre Pop Padres Buddy – AQHA Pistol’s Peaches — Smart Little Lena Smart Mate – AQHA Freckles Playmate Doc O’Lena Smart Peppy Freckles Playboy Nip Nap Dash For Cash Doc N Missy Lucky Star Mac Miss Glimpse Miss N Cash Sakonnet Point – AQHA Lucky Bottom Belle LOT 330 PROPERTY OF ANDREW & CARTER BELL Smart Little Jazarey is a really broke gelding, gentle for anyone to ride.

We have tied some calves down and heeled on him in the arena.

He has been used to doctor calves outside.

He is ridden by a 14 year old boy that will show him in the competition at the sale.

SIRE: El Royal Rey …He is sired by Smart Little Lena, $743,275, NCHA Triple Crown; sire of the earners of over $37,400,000, including Red White And Boon, $930,954, NCHA Open Derby Reserve Champion, 5-time NCHA NonPro World Champion, AQHA Amateur World Champion; Smart Peppy Lena (APHA), $495,600, NCHA Non-Pro CoReserve World Champion; Justa Smart Peanut, $421,041, NCHA Horse of the Year, NCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion and Open Super Stakes Reserve Champion; Smart Play, $413,720, Reserve Champion of the NCHA Open Futurity, NCHA Open Super Stakes and NCHA NonPro Finals; Smart Little Senor, $362,645, All-Time High Scorer at the NCHA Finals; Smart Chic Olena, $129,744, cutting/reining: World Champion Reining & Cutting Horse; Commandicate, $300,112, NCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion; and many others.

DAM: Porcelain Lace … She is a granddaughter of the great King Fritz, one of the all time great sires of reined cow horse champions. 95 SMART LITTLE JAZAREY AQHA #4619874 2003 RED ROAN GELDING Smart Little Lena El Royal Rey – AQHA Jazabell Quixote Doc O’Lena Smart Peppy Doc Quixote Bill’s Jazabell King Fritz Reign’s Request Mr Bar Tab Opie Della King Fritz Two Porcelain Lace – AQHA Just A Sin Away LOT 331 RAZMATAZLENA AQHA #4344566 2002 SORREL GELDING PROPERTY OF FRED BRAY RANCH Razmatazlena, aka “Raz”, is sure enough a nice gelding that was trained and shown in the snaffle bit futurity when he was a three year old.

This nice gelding can do whatever you want to do horse back; outstanding spins, great fence work, nice sliding stops, broke well in the bridle, slow lope, smooth way of traveling, good on a cow and is an excellent horse in the pasture and has also been in the woods.

This is a nice gelding that is the same way every day that you put on the saddle.

I acquired this nice gelding from my late friend Buddy Williams that recently lost his life to cancer.

SIRE: Lenas Wright On … LENAS WRIGHT ON. $105,846: NRHA Open Futurity Champion; AQHA World Champion Junior Working Cow Horse; AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Reining; AQHA High Point Junior Reining Horse; AQHA ROM, 61 points.

A 2007 NRHA and NRCHA All-Time Leading Sire, siring the earners of 1,825 AQHA points.

DAM: Brinks Starlight …She is sired by Badger Starlight, Sire of AQHA point earners and ROMs plus offspring with NCHA, NRHA and NRCHA earnings.

Badger starlight is full brother to GRAYS STARLIGHT, ranked by Equi-Stat in 2005 in the top 10 for Top Maternal Reined Cow Horse Grandsires. Smart Little Lena Lenas Wright On – AQHA Slide Me Again Doc O’Lena Smart Peppy Isle Breeze Starlet Showdown Peppy San Badger Doc’s Starlight Brinks Royal Lee Miss Shelly Badger Starlight Brinks Starlight – AQHA Brinks Rosalee LOT 332 SLY DOCS AQHA #3792680 1998 RED ROAN GELDING PROPERTY OF TONY PALERMO Sly Docs, aka “Doc”, is a very exceptional horse in every field.

He is trained for western pleasure, trail, roping and is a $3,000.00 money earner in cutting.

He is ready to go show or take to your ranch program.

He is safe for the whole family and 100% sound.

Don’t miss this wonderful gelding.

SIRE: Docs San Cudo … He is sired by Doc’s Hickory …

AQHA High Point Cutting Stallion, NCHA Futurity Semifinalist.

Equistat #5 All-Time Leading Cutting Sire, an NRHA All-Time Leading Sire, siring the earners of over $21,000,000, including Eatin Out, $186,623; Miss Silver Pistol, $512,755, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion; Hicapoo, $447,812, NCHA Horse of the Year, NCHA Non-Pro World Champion, NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic Champion and 1996 Reserve Champion, NCHA Open Derby Champion, NCHA Open Super Stakes Reserve Champion; and many others.

DAM: Crimson Quixote …A granddaughter of Doc Quixote, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion.

An Equistat AllTime Leading Cutting Sire, siring the earners of over $10,000.00, Leading Cutting Sire in 1996, siring Poco Quixote Rio, $1,107,027, Gold and Silver 4-Year-Old Open Champion; Docs Okie Quixote, $637,707, NCHA Triple Crown winner; and many others. 96 Doc’s Hickory Docs San Cudo – AQHA Polished — Freckles Playboy Miss Silver Pistol Smart Little Lena Panola Star Peppy San Badger Doc’s Haida Bob Acre Doc Brinks Hickory Pat Haidas Little Pep Haidas Sweet Acre – AQHA Little Sweet Acre LOT 334 GP FIDDLIN SCRIPT AQHA #4567316 2004 PALOMINO GELDING PROPERTY OF CASEY PEARSON GP Fiddlin Script, aka “Pacer”, is a nice young horse that is very broke and ready to find a job.

He has been started on cattle and has potential to make a very nice head or heel horse.

He has also been started on barrels, he’s the kind of horse that husbands can go rope on Friday’s and wives run on Saturdays! Pacer is a lot of fun to ride and a great horse to be around.

Casey Pearson.

My family has been involved in ranching and raising horses for more than 70 years.

I have trained and shown horses that have competed and won at AQHA shows as well as rodeos.

I qualified two times to the CNFR while earning a degree from Sam Houston State University.

Since graduating from college, I have qualified for the California PRCA Circuit Finals in calf roping, and most recently I qualified for the 2009 PRCA Prairie Circuit Steer Roping Finals.

I have always had a great deal of pride in the horses I’ve trained and in the success others have had on horses I trained.

SIRE: Justa Fiddle Man … A grandson of Zan Parr Bar, A Leading sire of World Champion Performance horses and a leading sire of ROM qualifiers, performance winners and point earning performance horses in halter, working cow horse, heading, heeling, calf roping, etc. 97 Zan Gold Jack Justa Fiddle Man – AQHA Dees Queen Zan Parr Bar Miss Goldie Jack Defendent Hancock’s Starlet Doc’s Prescription Montecello Sport Model Romeo Miss Monte McCue Monte Prescription Buckwheat Baby Doll – AQHA Sport Model McCue LOT 335 PLAUDITS RETURN AQHA #3277757 1994 GRAY GELDING PROPERTY OF SCOTT NORMAN Plaudits Return is a finished heading horse and a finished healing horse.

He has had some barrel racing experience.

He is great with children and new riders.

He shoes, clips, loads, and trailers easily.

Has a good nature about him.

He gets along well with donkeys, goats, and dogs.

Wonderful disposition.

Scott Norman has been riding horses nearly all of his 50 years, thirty years of which involved a rodeo background.

Scott has been team roping for a little over 18 years now, both heading and healing, and has won several buckles, pay checks and a saddle.

Currently, Scott lives in Corrales, New Mexico, where he has a small alfalfa farm, raises coriente roping cattle, and has five horses, and a donkey.

Scott has worked with several horses from young ages and developed them into finished roping horses.

SIRE: Hes Smooth And Blue … R.


Brown Ranch breeding at its finest, being sired by Smooth At Heart, a R.


Brown Ranch stallion by the great Jet Smooth; and out of a daughter of the great Two Rocks.

A performance plus pedigree.

DAM: Bucks Jet Bar …A foundation bred mare. Smooth At Heart Hes Smooth And Blue – AQHA Blue Two Rocks — Genuine Doc Diamonds Sparkle Sonita’s Last Li’l Miss Jo Bar Colonel Freckles Mickie Bar Kay Dun Commander Jay Blair Colonel Mickie Miss Pueblo Sun – AQHA Miss Cayann LOT 340 SMOKEY BLU HAVEN AQHA #4587874 2004 BAY ROAN GELDING PROPERTY OF MARK MILLS Smokey Blu Haven is any cowboy’s honest work horse with the bonus of roan color.

He’s been used extensively on a feed lot and a cutting horse operation and so knows the drill of opening and closing gates, sorting cows in pens, roping sick cows in the pasture, dragging feed troughs, turning back at the cuttings and just being an all around horse with a willing attitude.

This is a solid, hard knocking using horse in every sense of the word.

He comes from an operation that knows a good horse, how to make a good horse, and an operation that has a reputation of producing good ones like this.

He will be demonstrated by Dustin Mills.

Dustin Mills is the son of cutting horse trainer, Mark Mills.

His accomplishments include several NCHA Youth Top Ten in the World standings, including World Champion and Reserve World Champion.

In December, he placed 3rd in the Limited Non-Pro Finals of the 2009 NCHA Futurity on the first horse he broke and trained from start to finish.

He is also an accomplished team roper and participates in Texas High School Rodeo. Hum Bug Hancock Hand Bug – AQHA Hancock Pollyanna Heck No Hancock Hum Bug Bar Duplicate Hancock Hancock Polly Grey Star Haven Dusty Blue Roan Hank Henry Van Hoot’s Misty Leo Dusty’s Blue Haven Rafter L Bluebird – AQHA Vans Hancockmisty 100 LOT 341 BOON BLAZEN JAZ AQHA #4903056 2004 SORREL GELDING PROPERTY OF WEST FARMS Boon Blazen Jaz, aka “Boon”, is a beautiful fancy gelding with all the looks and chrome one could ask for.

Boon is a finished cutter ($1,800.00 plus NCHA), penner, and sorter with lots of handle and works a rope nice.

Boon is a stout compact horse with lots of speed and a huge stop making him a calf horse deluxe.

Boon is dog gentle and suitable for the whole family. 100% Sound.

Boon is double registered AQHA and APHA.

He is a must to see.

Don’t miss this flashy gelding.

West Farms is located in Central Louisiana where we run a cow/calf operation and train cow horses.

Along with the cow/calf operation quality ranch, penning and sorting horses are kept on hand to provide to the public at all times.

SIRE: Blue Bayou Boon …$95,941; 5th, NCHA Limited Non-Pro Super Stakes; split 5th, NCHA Super Stakes Limited Non-Pro Classic; split 3rd, Brazos Bash Open Classic; 3rd, Southern Open Classic; 6th, West Texas Open Classic; split 4th, “The Non-Pro” 4-Year-Old Non-Pro.

DAM: Blazen Jazzy … She is a granddaughter of Peppy San Badger (AQHA), 1977 NCHA Futurity Champion, 1978 Derby Champion, 1980 NCHA Reserve World Champion. — Doc O’Lena Freckles Delite Hoctish Smarty Chestnut Alexander’s Hand Whiz Queen 82 Roma Joe Cee Kay Linda Whiz Ofa Hand CK Linda Whiz – AQHA Cee Kay Josie LOT 346 HIGH MARKED DOVE AQHA #5180659 2007 SORREL GELDING PROPERTY OF DUSTIN ROLLER High Marked Dove, aka “Spiffy”, a 2007 colt well introduced to a wide range of fields.

Since being saddle broke at the end of May he has experienced a great deal of ranch work and show related training.

His papers suggest he’s got the ability to make a desirable ranch or even show horse and so far he has not faltered in that respect.

Smooth to ride and knows what a hard day’s work involves and will not quit on you.

Sound! Dustin Roller, grandson of Joy and Apache Adams, has been breaking horses and living on several southwest Texas ranches for twelve years, including the Pinto Canyon Ranch south of Marfa, the Adobe Walls Ranch near Terlingua, and the Adams Ranch south of Marathon.

Dustin currently assists in running Adams Ranch near Fort Stockton.

Training and using calm, good-minded, rock-footed, registered Quarter Horses, is an essential and historic element of the family’s cow/calf operation.

SIRE: High Marked …He is sired by High Brow Hickory, $229,771: NCHA Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion; NCHA Open Breeders Reserve Champion.

An Equi-Stat Top 20 All-Time Leading Cutting, siring earners of $4,800,000, including SMART LOOKIN HI BROW ($216,394: Polo Ranch and Memphis Open Classics’ 103 High Brow Hickory High Marked – AQHA Alexa Lena Doc’s Hickory Grulla San Smart Little Lena Miss Freckles Last Freckles Playboy Brazos Lynx Mocha Cutter Cash Chips Freckles Floyd Freckles Sadie Dove – AQHA Honey Dove King LOT 347 PROPERTY OF BRAD WILLIAMS Chexoutmygoldentux is a great horse.

He has been hauled to all major PRCA Rodeos and heeled on at Dodge Circuit Finals and is ready to rodeo or just use.

He is seasoned ready. CHEXOUTMYGOLDENTUX AQHA #3750189 1998 PALOMINO GELDING — Lightning Bar Dandy Doll Poco Tivio Timmette King Fritz Sutherland’s Miss Tyree’s Image Poco Princesa SIRE: Doc Tom Tucker … One of the great sons of Doc Bar, AQHA Hall of Fame.

The All-Time Leading Paternal Grandsire and Maternal Grandsire of Cutting Horses. “Everything in history has to have a starting spot.

Twenty, 40, even 60 years down the road, you can always trace it back to the beginning.

Doc Bar was the beginning” Bill Freeman said in the 1999 Quarter Horse News Stallion Register.

DAM: Suzzie Chex …She is by the great Bueno Chex, one of the all time leading sires of reined cow horses, as well as performance champions in almost every performance event recognized by AQHA.

He is sired by King Fritz, also the sire of numerous AQHA Champions and ROM qualifiers. Bueno Chex Suzzie Chex – AQHA Muniz Tycessa LOT 348 PROPERTY OF KARY MCNEILL Pepper Kent Hancock, aka “Jag”, because he moves like a cat.

Jag has been used on the ranch to herd cattle his second and third years.

As a four year old, he was shown in AQHA.

He won 2 points in Heading and 7.5 points in Heeling.

Since then he has competed in hundreds of US ropings and rodeos.

You can both head and heel on him.

He is also broke very well for reining and he is very competitive for cow horse competitions, Stock Horse Of Texas and ranch horse competitions.

He is my five year old son’s favorite horse to run barrels on.

Jag is very competitive for the serious competitor.

He is quiet for someone to learn on as well as a great kid horse.

He has been in our family since he was two years old.

We hope he goes to a good home.

Your family will love him. “Jag” is guaranteed sound in every way.

SIRE: Pepper Joe Hancock …A foundation bred stallion carrying the blood of Mr Roan Hancock, sire of many performance horses.

DAM: Kent Lady …A Cogdell Ranch bred mare, and a granddaughter of the great Cogdell Ranch sire, Lance Jones, sire of numerous winners in NCHA competition. PEPPER KENT HANCOCK AQHA #4103440 2001 RED ROAN GELDING Hancocks Blue Boy Pepper Joe Hancock – AQHA Homespun Sally Mr Roan Hancock Bluebird Hancock Homespun Randy Indigo Sweetheart Lance Jones Lesa Cogdell Gray Dee Too Mae Holly Kent Cee Kent Lady – AQHA Sassy Gray Holly 104 LOT 349 WEST FOUR POKE

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