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2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division End of One-on-One Questions Toss-up Questions: 9) What is another name for the sudadero on a Western saddle? A: Fender S: 174:23 10) What is the maximum legal height of a port on a western bit? A: 3 ½ inches B: 179:21 11) Is the genetic defect, parrot mouth, in horses a dominant or recessive trait? A: Dominant S: 175:15 12) Why have draft horses been bred in the past to have narrow rear leg placement? A: More power and less likely to get tangled in the traces (only need to give one answer) S: 175:14 BONUS: What are the suggested distances for “in-and-out” fences for small ponies, medium ponies, and large ponies and horses? A: Small ponies – 20 feet; Medium ponies – 20 to 22 feet; Large ponies & Horses – 22 to 24 feet S: 179:76 13) What term is used when referring to abdominal pain caused by digestive disturbances? A: Colic S: 174:100 14) By nature, do horses pull against pressure or move towards pressure? A: Pull against pressure S: 191R:12 15) Which class penalizes the rider for using voice cues? A: Dressage S: 174:31 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division 16) What are the four major factors to obtaining well conditioned and groomed horse? A: Balanced nutrition, Proper health care, Exercise & conditioning, and Good daily grooming S: 174:51 BONUS: What are the 5 points used to evaluate performance in a pleasure horse class? A: Functional correctness, Manners, Responsiveness, Gait quality, Conformation S: 175:40 17) What are bog spavins? A: Fluid filled sacks that are under the hide in the hock region S: 175:22 18) How many teeth will a 5 year old mare have erupted? A: 36 to 40 S: 174:116 19) What are concentrates? A: Feeds that by weight are relatively high in nutrients and low in fiber S: 174:58 20) What term is given to a group of horses having a common origin and possessing certain distinguishable characteristics that are transmittable to their offspring? A: Breed S: 174:67 BONUS: List the correct footfall sequence for a horse cantering on the right lead.

A: 1) Left hind, 2) Right hind & Left front together, and 3) Right front S: 174:93 21) Name the three color patterns of Paint/Pinto horses.

A: Over; Tobiano; Tovero S: 174:75 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division 22) What types of drugs are strictly prohibited in 4H shows? A: Any drugs that affects the Central Nervous System, like stimulants or depressants.

S: 179:9 23) What is the common name for ossified lateral cartilages? A: Sidebones S: 175:20 BONUS: After the age of 12, identifying a horse’s age by its teeth becomes difficult.

Name 3 things to look for when determining the age of a smooth mouthed horse.

A: Grinding surface – turn from oval to triangular; Angle of incisors – as age increases, angle decreases; Galvayne’s groove – appears at upper corner incisor at 10-12, full length at 20, gone at 30.

S: 174:117 24) Describe a full bridle.

A: A bridle with a Weymouth (curb) bit, a bridoon (small snaffle), and 2 sets of reins S: 174:41 End of Round 7 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division ROUND 8 One-on-One Questions: 1) What are the four (4) primary uses of light horses? A: Riding, Racing, Driving, Utility on the farm S: 175:28 2) Describe a successful feeding program for horses.

A: Using the combination of feeds that provides needed nutrients at the lowest possible cost.

S: 174:59 3) What term is used to describe a book of record published by breed registry associations for purebred horses, ponies and jacks? A: Stud Book S: 174:68 4) In Hunt Seat, at which gait is the rider’s forward inclination the greatest? A: The posting trot (accept trot) S: 174:36 5) What gene is responsible for a horse that is “mealy-mouthed”? A: Pangare gene S: 174:76 6) What term is used to for short, quick, choppy strides? A: Trappy S: 174:85 7) This term always indicates a dark mane and tail and usually is accompanied by black on the lower legs.

A: Black Points S: 174:78 8) What 4-H class(s) prohibits the use of a leased animal as a project animal? A: Production Division classes S: 179:34 End of One-on-One 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division Toss-up Questions: 9) Name two (2) types of harnesses used in the horse industry.

A: Breast strap buggy harness and Collar buggy harness (accept breast strap and collar) S: 174:29 10) What term is used to describe an abnormality that may detract from the appearance of a horse but does not affect his serviceability? A: Blemish S: 175:26 11) Where is a horse’s vision the best? A: Beside the horse S: 174:21 12) On a three-piece snaffle bit, what is the maximum diameter of the connecting ring? A: 1 ¼ inch S: 179:23 BONUS: Starting at letter A of the small dressage arena and going counter clockwise, what are the letters on the perimeter of the arena? A: A, F, B, M, C, H, E, K S: 179:89 13) What are 3 types of Equine Infectious Anemia? A: Acute; Chronic; Inapparent Carrier S: 174:126 14) How old can a horse be to go into a ground driving class? A: A yearling or older S: 179:39 BONUS: When hiring a judge for a show, list three (3) things that are the show management’s responsibility to provide for the judge.

A: 1) Contract listing fees and expenses; 2) List of classes to be judged and additional county rules; 3) Show day, make introductions and provide for the comfort of the judge while working.

S: 179:8 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division 15) The rider’s legs are used to move the horse in what directions? A: Forward, Back and Laterally S: 174:31 16) What are three (3) things you should check for in mangers and feedboxes? A: Nails, Splinters, Holes and Obstructions S: 174:61 17) A horse should appear to have a short back in relation to what type of underline? A: Long underline S: 175:12 18) What is another term used to describe a horse with a roach back? A: Convex back S: 175:16 BONUS: Name three (3) minor parasites that can affect a horse.

A: Stomach worms, Pinworms, Tapeworms and Threadworms S: 174:135-137 19) What bone is located between the frontal bone and the nasal bone? A: Maxillary bone S: 175:11 20) Define the term “inversion”.

A: Respiration rate exceeds the heart rate.

S: 174:97 21) What direction should you clean the hoof out from? A: Heal to Sole (toe) S: 191R:19 22) Describe and distinguish between chestnut and sorrel coat colors.

A: Sorrel horses have a red coat that may range from tan to a rich mahogany red.

Lighter shades are sorrels while Darker shades are chestnuts.

S: 174:74 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division 23) What is the primary concern of roundworm infestation in the horse? A: Rupture or blockage of the Small Intestine S: 174:131 BONUS: List five (5) common symptoms of colic in the horse.

A: Increased heart rate, Increased respiration rate, Increased temperature, Sweating, Restless, Pawing, Pacing, Repeatedly lying down and rising, Biting and/or Licking sides, Refuse to eat/drink, May not defecate or urinate.

S: 174:100 24) What dewormer is effective against all major internal parasites? A: Praziquantel (Equimax or Quest Gold) S: 174:139 End of Round 8 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division ROUND 9 One-on-One Questions: 1) Which vertebrae are located between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae? A: Thoracic S: 175:11 2) Name the part of the English saddle between the skirt and stirrup iron where the stirrup leather is attached.

A: Stirrup bar S: 174:24 3) What do tan or brown hairs on the muzzle or the flank on a black horse indicate? A: It is not a true black horse but a seal brown S: 174:74 4) What part of the western saddle is located between the pommel and the cantle? A: Seat S: 174:23 5) When should you not offer water free choice to a horse? A: When the horse is overheated S: 174:78 6) Define the “cross” markings on a horse.

A: The dark line over the withers from side to side.

S: 174:78 7) What term is used to describe the height of stride resulting from knee and hock flexion? A: Action S: 175:27 8) What term is used to describe the semi-horny formations on the leg of a horse? A: Chestnuts (also accept ergots) S: 175:17 End of One-On-One Questions 2009 State 4-H Horse Bowl Contest – Junior Division Toss-up Questions: 9) What breed of horse originated in the Ozarks? A: Missouri Fox Trotter S: 174:69 10) Name three types of horses that may be shown with ribbon braids in showmanship.

A: Saddle type, Draft, and Easy-gaited S: 179:14-15 11) What is the difference between a rat-tail and a broom-tail? A: A Rat-tail horse has little hair on its tail, and a Broom-tail horse has a heavy, coarse tail.

S: 174:78 BONUS: Give three (3) criteria by which to divide classes in a horse show.

A: 1) Age of exhibitor, 2) Experience level of horse or rider, 3) To maintain safety S: 179:11 12) Where did the Lipizzaner originate? A: Spain S: 174:69 13) What side should you mount your horse on when preparing to ride? A: Usually on the left side, but horse should be comfortable being mounted on either the left or right side.

S: 191R:20 14) In a trail class, what is the distance between trot-over poles? A: 36 to 42 inches S: 179:44

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