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FOR SALE Pony Gear for sale! Show gear for small pony up to 12hh. Black and gold diamante browband $90.

Used once to win at Royal Melb Show 2008. Brown leather & full 3 row dimonette browband $ 80.

Used once to win at BARASTOC.
Leather lead headstall – handmade by CARRINGTONS.

Won Royal Show Used 4 
Times- $80.

PAID $220.
4’6- Skye Park canvas rug- brand new- paid $165 sell $100
4′ – Capriole wool rug – brand new -$30
4′ White flag combo by Capriole –brand new- $30
Some other assorted white rugs by Skye Park & Caprolie that have been used.

Sell for $15 each.

Size is 4’3 Photos of browband & leather show headstall available on request.
CALL SIMONE PADOIN – 0425805813 PCAV & CENTRAL ZONE NEWS CORNER Rule for the month: Martingales 11.17 Martingales Standing martingales are not permitted.

Martingales, if used, must be fitted so the rings can reach the horse’s gullet when the horse is standing in a normal position.

Stops on the reins are compulsory.

A diagonally fitted rubber stopper or a fixed ring at the horse’s chest is compulsory with all running martingales.

Please refer to your PCAV 2009 Gear guide to check at what type of competitions martingales are permitted to be worn. HYPERLINK 1.htm&usg= KFIy0CYb6srzOsZeLNVRiU HFGI=&h=320&w=346&sz=6&hl=en&start=11&tbnid=J K2MRjEg1wLWM:&tbnh=111&tbnw=120&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmartingale%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG INCLUDEPICTURE K2MRjEg1wLWM: \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK lrg.jpg&imgrefurl= info.php%3FcPath%3D59 62%26products id%3D581&usg= EM5JtAebwLcLiI2ruENHVygd1LA=&h=333&w=500&sz=78&hl=en&start=2&tbnid=hzyIawKNzyLD-M:&tbnh=87&tbnw=130&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmartingale%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG INCLUDEPICTURE lrg.jpg \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK INCLUDEPICTURE \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK INCLUDEPICTURE \* MERGEFORMATINET HYPERLINK INCLUDEPICTURE \* MERGEFORMATINET standing martingale Running Martingale Stockmans/Eventing Stoppers that are MUST be used on the Breastplate reins and Martingale Don’t forget that the PCAV Gear rules have been updated from February 2009.

If you are after the new rule book, you can purchase these at a rally for $7 Rider Certificates’: Junior and Associate club members are encouraged to take a series of PCAV Efficiency Tests and Certificates as they progress through Pony Club.

These are designed to ensure that these club members undertake elementary studies in riding, horse handling and horse care.

There are eight standards or levels of efficiency; D , D star, C , C star, B , B star and A (the highest) with two specialist tests – K for the active rider and H for the horse mastership test.

D & D* will be worked on a club level, with C certificates and above needing to have to sit and ride a series of tests for a fee.

Just a reminder to all riders that are 14 years and over and have been with the club for more than two years, must have there C certificate to ride at State Level Competitions.

D, D* and C certificate manuals are available to purchase at rallies for $15.

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