Welsh Mountain Ponies : The one day courses took place at the Society for….

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Skin Care - For the Horse Horses-store.comWelsh Mountain Ponies : The one day courses took place at the Society for….

Neil from Horsewyse with the pupils from Woodlands Short Stay School WELFARE The Story of Abandoned Horse Pixie …..

So far At the beginning of the year The Horse Trust gave sanctuary to two abandoned ponies, Pixie and Bess.

Upon arrival it quickly became apparent that Pixie, a 12 hh grey mare, was extremely nervous and cautious of people.

The 8 grooms at The Horse Trust are all allocated a “yard” of horses at the stables and Pixie became part of Claire Clark’s yard.

Claire has been with The Horse Trust for 9 years and her experience, patience and knowledge were the perfect platform to help Pixie settle into her new life at The Trust.

It was evident that Pixie’s behaviour was not going to be an “overnight fix”.

Pixie was so terrified she would stand and shake and not permit anyone within 15 feet of her.

Claire’s patience over the allows her to work on a paid secondment at The Horse Trust for six months, became interested in Pixie’s behaviour and asked if she could help Claire.

Over the past few months by having regular training sessions Claire can now touch Pixie along her neck, belly, back and one front leg on the right side and whilst she is doing this Sue helps by rewarding her at the right moments making it into a game which Pixie is beginning to enjoy.

The training follows the same pattern every day and always ends on a good note such as Pixie evidently relaxing and demonstrating trust.

Even though there have been some setbacks in some of the sessions the next session always starts as if nothing negative has happened.

There is a long way to go with Pixie but we should be able to report further on Pixie’s progress later in the year. Claire and Sue working with Pixie next few weeks showed tiny signs of progress as a bond of trust started to build with Pixie and Claire was eventually allowed to feed her a carrot.

Pixie was happy with the treat but still did not allow Claire to touch her.

Sue Goodman, a sales assistant from John Lewis who has been given an award by the John Lewis Partnership Golden Jubilee Trust, which Welsh Local Authority Inspectors Learn to Become Horse Whisperers investigate complaints from the public about alleged cases of cruelty and neglect involving horses, ponies and donkeys.

The trading standards and environmental health inspectors were given hands-on training in how to safely approach a horse, fit a head collar and lead the animal.

They were also shown how to assess a horse’s health and welfare, and its environment to decide whether there are any welfare concerns.

The training was funded by the Welsh Assembly Government’s Companion Animal Welfare Enhancement Scheme (CAWES) and was facilitated by the Welsh Animal Health and Welfare Panel.

One of the key outputs for the CAWES programme is the provision of education and training and this training will help in the consistent delivery of high quality welfare provision across Wales.

The one-day courses took place at the Society for Welfare of Horse and Ponies in Monmouth, a registered charity based in Monmouth which cares for abused or injured horses and ponies, rehabilitating them and re-homing them in a safe, caring environment and at the Bransby Home of Rest for Horses in Stoke Prior, a charity which also helps Welsh Mountain ponies by supplying hay during the winter months and providing safe refuge to any animals that require specialist care. Liane and Nicolas with Poppy As part of The Horse Trust’s on-going programme to improve horse welfare throughout the UK The Horse Trust, in association with Redwings, recently trained 40 local authority inspectors from across Wales.

The training demonstrated how to handle horses and assess their welfare to allow the inspectors to “Wales is leading the way in animal welfare by giving its local authority inspectors the resources to enforce the Animal Welfare Act.

Their proactive approach will improve the welfare of horses across Wales, ensuring that welfare cases are dealt with effectively and minimising the suffering caused to horses.

The Horse Trust is delighted to support the Welsh government in this initiative by providing training to their inspectors.” WELFARE Shetland Ponies found New Home through The Horse Trust’s Rehoming Scheme Staff at The Horse Trust are delighted to have found a new home for Shetland ponies Timmy and Snakey.

The ponies were found a home through the charity’s new rehoming scheme, which focuses on retired, unridden horses from any background.

Retired farmers Sheila and John Murphy from Milton Keynes decided to offer the ponies a home after a neighbour saw an appeal by The Horse Trust on the local TV news.

The ponies moved to their new home in February and have settled in well.

Sheila and John love to watch them playing with each other in the paddock and they are really enjoying human company as well and approach the garden fence whenever Sheila or John walk past.

The couple, who retired from farming three years ago, have taken in the ponies as pets.

As well as the two ponies, the couple has three dogs. “They get on well with our dogs – our Labradoodle goes into the paddock with them and they seem to think he’s a horse,” said Sheila. 19-year-old Timmy, a 43-inch bay Shetland, and 11-year-old Snakey, a 41inch black Shetland, had been living at The Horse Trust’s Home of Rest for Horses since September last year.

They had been taken in by the charity as their previous owner was struggling to look after them.

According to Sheila, “The rehoming scheme is such a good idea.

I was impressed at the thorough checks The Horse Trust carried out and it’s good to know that they’re at the end of the phone if we have any problems,” said Sheila.

The Horse Trust is delighted that it has been able to find a home for Timmy and Snakey.

They are both such characters and I’m sure they will bring a lot of joy to John and Sheila.

The Horse Trust’s rehoming scheme focuses on retired, unridden horses from any background.

Due to limited resources, the charity is primarily considering horses and homes within a 50 mile radius of the sanctuary.

All horses and potential homes are visited to assess their suitability and the charity regularly visits the rehomed horse to ensure it is receiving an appropriate standard of care.

The Horse Trust still urgently needs more homes for retired horses in the local area – to find out more about the scheme please visit www.horsetrust.org.uk or call Liane Crowther, Equine Welfare and Education Officer on 01494-488464. Sheila and John with Timmy and Snakey HorseBytes•HorseBytes•HorseBytes•HorseBytes•HorseBytes Ladies Run to Raise Funds for Sherwin Nearly three thousand ladies gathered in Sefton Park on 9th May to take part in Liverpool’s Women’s 10K race.

Runners of all abilities, from serious athletes to charity fundraisers, joined the event, which is Liverpool’s longest established road race.

The morning sun attracted crowds of supporters as a sea of female athletes set off along a six mile scenic course around Liverpool’s most attractive parkland. 6 of these ladies were from the Merseyside Police and were running on behalf of Sherwin the grey gelding police horse that retired to The Horse Trust in 2008.

Joanne Mills, one of the police officers said, “It was a good day, I think! We all got around in one piece and our times ranged from 51 minutes to 1 hour and 17 minutes.” The Horse Trust is very grateful for the Merseyside Police’s donation which will support the costs of caring for Sherwin at the Home of Rest for Horses.

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    Horses-Store.com and Welsh Mountain Ponies : The one day courses took place at the Society for….
    Horses-Store.com - Welsh Mountain Ponies : The one day courses took place at the Society for….
    Horses-Store.com and Welsh Mountain Ponies : The one day courses took place at the Society for….
    Horses-Store.com - Welsh Mountain Ponies : The one day courses took place at the Society for….