Wild canaries and thrushes were plentiful

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28 A Bicentennial Celebration Great grandmother: Mary (Montgomery) Hough. (17551837) Born in the USA and married to John Hough.

Buried at Cummer Cemetery, Yonge Street, Willowdale. From THOMAS EDWARD HOUGH’S notes: At the comers where we lived, we had about an acre where all the vegetables except the potatoes were grownred and black currants, gooseberries, carrots, onion, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, and a lovely orchard with pears, plums, cherries, snow apples, greenings, northern spies, russets, fall pepins, talman sweet, crab apples and choke cherries.

On the east side of the house were lilacs, snowballs, bleeding hearts, sweet William and all of the old-time flowers, including roses.

The rhubarb patch was the favourite place for one of the hens to lay her eggs.

Wild canaries and thrushes were plentiful.

Also plentiful were black bears, bobtails, foxes, wolves, crows, hawks, ducks and partridge. II I loved the bees and would put my ear against the hive, and listen to the Queen bee, and could tell when they were going to swarm.

I had a long pole with a stick nailed across it.

When I saw a bee come out of the hive I would put it up for the Queen to light upon, and then the bees would settle around her until it looked like a big round ball.

I would also spend time chasing butterflies and trying to put salt on canary and thrush tails; running through mother’s carrots, berry bushes and flower beds, playing with the chickens.

I only remember seeing one snake at the farm.

My brothers took it out of the well by the bam, and it was 5 or 6 feet long. 29 Memories o/Scarborough: There was a little old hen and she would let me carry her any place and would even lay an egg in my hand.

I used to enjoy looking through the hay for hen’s nests.

I loved the smell of the hay.

It was always so nice and clean as the boys pitched the bales up and spread it.

Father would throw some salt on it, and the hay seemed to keep fresh, and appetizing for the horses.

The only children I had to play with were Minnie Walton (Red Jack Walton’s daughter) and my nephew, Watson Hough, who was 2 years younger than I.

When father (Henry) was small, there were times when people would not dare go out with the horse and sleigh, and horses would have chains or cans to make a noise to scare off the wolves, or they would jump right into the sleigh, or attack the horses.

Bobcats would jump at you, going along the road or in the bush.

They would run on the beaten path or in the open. In the creek running south from Eglinton to St.

Clair, there was good swimming and fishing, and we could see and hear the fireworks from the Toronto Exhibition.

There was plenty of good firewood.

If we were going to the St.

Lawrence Market, we would get up at two or three a.m.

The only passable way was down Birchmount Road to Kingston Road, then south to Queen Street; west to the Don River and west on King Street.

On one trip to Toronto, I accompanied father.

He bought a shawl from Tom Woodhouse, who had a store on King Street near the Market.

This was given to the Scarborough Historic Museum.

I was 5 or 6 years old at the time, and this was just after he bought a team of horses from Joe White who had a flour and feed shop at the NE comer of 30 A Bicentennial Celebration Queen and Hamilton Street, One was Jack, a light bay, and the other was Turk, a Cleveland bay.

Turk was a lovely, big, general purpose horse, and I used to drive mother wherever she wanted to go.

Mother said that I knew more about horses and their harness than she did.

Although I was only about seven years old and had to get up on a stool to put the Dutch collar over Turk’s head, and I would walk under him to do up the belly band on his stomach.

He would not move until he looked to make sure that I was not near his feet.

He was very ‘showie’, but was perfectly broken to be driven by word as well as by line.

I can remember when father was very sick in the hospital, driving on the Danforth to Broadview, and the sand and mud was so deep that it took all of Turk’s strength to get through it, pulling a light top carriage.

Father had three farms -12 acres at Hough’s comers; land on Kennedy, adjacent to Bethel cemetery, and a farm at Highland Creek, just east of Malvern.

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    Horses-Store.com - Wild canaries and thrushes were plentiful
    Horses-Store.com and  Wild canaries and thrushes were plentiful
    Horses-Store.com - Wild canaries and thrushes were plentiful