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Ruby's choice (5pc in bag) wing of bat

Three cheers for the Jolly Green Giant, LItTLE GREEN Sprout, Scarecrow, and that field of Corn where it all came about. ADVANCEMENT CEREMONIES Witches Brew Props: Black witches cauldron or facsimile.

Badges with names attached are placed in the cauldron before the meeting opens.

A lid should be used or keep the kettle out of sight until it is to be used. Scene: At awards time, announce that you will brew Up something in the cauldron, but you will need the help of the new Bobcats in the Pack.

Depending on the number to receive that award (five or seven is perfect) you call one at a time forward.

They tell you the ingredients that go in to make a Bobcat, (motto.

Salute, handshake, sign, promise law, meaning, of Webelos) and demonstrate each one by doing or saying.

Pretend to put each thing into the cauldron then stir and draw out a Bobcat Badge.

Call that Cub’s parents forward and pin the on. For Wolf Badge, add each ingredient to kettle telling what it is based on the twelve Wolf achievements, ie.

Band-aid for keeping healthy, string for tying things, stamp for collection, small screwdriver for tools, etc.

If difficult to use object print achievement on cardboard and put in.

Then stir and draw out the Wolf Badge and present to the Cub and his parents with applause. Do the Bear Badge in the same manner.

Since there are now 24 Bear achievements, you will have to find out which twelve each Bear choose.

Lf more than one Bear is receiving the badge, use all they choose, but don’t repeat any, ie; piece of rope for knots.

Baseball for sports, small flag for American heritage, coins for saving and spending well, testament for religious activities, etc. This ceremony can also be adopted for use with the Webelos Activity Pins, using the same method with the requirements. This ceremony.

Should be done in semi-darkness with candles so the cauldron will not be too obviously unreal.

But use enough light so that each item going in can be clearly defined.

Can be done theatrically like a witch putting in eye of toad.

Wing of bat.

Etc Nature’s Gifts Props: A tree limb (bare) with several branches.

Green construction paper leaves, one for each Scout receiving an award Cubmaster: This tree is a symbol of the natural beauty of our land.

It takes Mother Nature a long time to grow a beautiful tree.

It requires nurturing such as sunshine and water. This tree represents our Cub Scout Pack.

In order for it to flourish, much time and effort must be spent by Cub Scouts and their parents to help it grow.

Without their help, our tree is bare and lifeless. Scouts receiving awards tonight have given time and effort, as have their parents.

As you receive your award tonight, please take one leaf and add it to our tree [Call forward each Scout and his parents by rank to receive their award.

Hand them a leaf to tape to the limb]. Each of you, by your efforts, has helped nourish our Pack tree.

Just as Mother Nature’s trees become more beautiful when they get light and water, so our Pack tree grows more beautiful because of your efforts.

May you always stand tall and straight like a tree and be a resource for our land. Explaining the Ranks Need: 11×14 cards picturing the rank badges.

Tape these little explanations of rank on the back of the appropriate card.

Have a Cub represent each rank.

Have the 5 Cubs come forward, hold up the cards for the audience to see as they read the explanation on the back. Bobcat: I had to make some promises, To become a Bobcat Scout. To follow, help and give goodwill, That’s what Cub Scouting is all about. Wolf: The back and front rolls were easy, — Cubmaster: This tiny seedling doesn’t look like much, does it? It’s very weak and fragile.

But we have learned this month that if we plant it in good soil, and if we make sure that it gets lots of sunshine, air and water, it will grow up to be a big healthy (type of vegetable) like this one. Cub Scouts are like this seedling.

They need certain things, too.

Things like proper rest, food and exercise.

But Cub Scouts need something more than that.

If they are going to be the kind of men we all admire, they have to have healthy minds and spirits as well as healthy bodies.

In Cub Scouting, and later on in Boy Scouting, boys can develop that extra quality of mind and spirit.

They do it by following the Cub Scout Promise, and later, the Scout Oath. Will the following Cubs and their parents please come forward? GAMES Mummy Dress Up Let the children wrap each other in toilet paper and pretend to be a mummy. Pin The Tail On The Cat Cut out a cat shape from black felt.

Use fabric paint to add the eyes, nose, and whiskers.

Cut out several tails from black felt and sew or glue the hook side of Velcro onto the end that attaches to the cat.

The hook Velcro will stick to the felt anywhere the children put it.

They play the game just like pin the tail on the donkey. Halloween Sort For a sorting activity, use various Halloween treats such as spiders and bat rings of different colors or pumpkin and ghost light covers. Ghost Hunt Cut white construction paper into 4 x5 pieces.

Roll and tape to form tubes (these are ghost callers).

Make one for each child.

Also make 2 construction paper ghosts.

Show everyone the two ghosts.

Have children close their eyes.

Den Leader hides the ghosts.

Children open eyes and count 1-2-3 Ghost! On the count of ghost the hunt begins.

The children who find the two ghosts sit by the Den Leader.

Give them a ghost caller and let them make ghost noises for the next ghost hunt.

The noise helps call the ghosts from their hiding places.

Continue until all children are making ghost noises. Pass The Pumpkin Purchase a small pumpkin from the grocery store.

Have the children sit in a circle.

Turn on Halloween music and pass the pumpkin around the circle.

Stop the music and whoever has the pumpkin is out. (A better way of playing it, is instead of the child who has the pumpkin being out, they have to make the group do something Halloweenie , like groan like a ghost, fly like a bat, cackle like a witch, walk like a mummy). Watering The Horses Equipment: Paper cup half filled with water for each Cub. Cubs are in sixes, and each Cub is given a paper cup half filled with water.

In turn they race to a turning point about 10 yards away taking their cup with them.

When there they turn round, kneel, put the cups between their teeth, and with their hands behind their backs drink the water.

As soon as the cup is empty they get up and race back to their six, and the next Cub goes. Rooster Fight Materials: Bandanna or other scrap material for each child. Set Up: Make a circle on the ground about 8 feet in diameter.

Have each player tuck a bandanna in the waist of his or her pants. Play: Two kids hop into the circle and try to grab the bandanna hanging from each other’s belt.

The trick is, they must not put down their other foot, and they must keep one arm folded at their side like a wing, grabbing only with the free hand.

Any player who puts his food down or grabs with his wing is out and a new opponent enters the ring. You may want to have teams, pairing up the kids and let them compete one pair at a time; to determine the winner, add up all the bandannas won by each team.

Alternatively, play round robin style, with each new winner taking on new players until he gets eliminated. Another element of fun you could add is asking each player to be sure he flaps his wing and clucks like a chicken. Duck Foot Relay You will need to make two sets of webbed feet to do this race. (If this is a problem—when is it not? —use two pair of swim fins.) To make the feet you will need a large piece of cardboard or foam core, an empty tissue box, craft paint, and glue.

Draw the outline of a duck foot (about 14 inches from heel to toe) on the cardboard and use a craft knife to cut it out.

Make the matching foot by placing the first one face side down on the cardboard and tracing around it.

Cut the tissue box into halves and glue them on top with the box bottom facing up.

Paint the feet bright orange or yellow. To Race: Divide the group into two teams.

On the far side of the room, set up a chair for each side.

When the race starts, the first player from each team, wearing duck feet over his shoes, must circle his team’s chair and return to the starting point while quacking and flapping his arms.

There, the next child in line puts on the shoes and takes a turn.

The first team to finish wins.

Be sure to involve the parents as racers, judges, or helping racers get in the feet. Pennsylvania Pumpkin Pie Pitch Equipment: Paper plates, hoop or coat hanger. — You will need: Oreo Cookies, Candy Corn, Black Licorice, White Frosting, Green and Red M&M’s. Spread the frosting on the cookie.

Place the two green M&M’S on as the eyes.

Place the red one on as the nose.

Cut the licorice into small pieces (about one inch) and place them on as whiskers.

Put a small amount of the frosting on the bottom of (2) candy corns and place them on the top of the cookie as the ears. Lolly Pop Ghosts You will need: Tissue Paper, Lolly Pop, String. Take a tissue paper and cover the top of a tootsie pop and tie a string around the head of Ghost! Makes a cute snack. Ghost Cookie You will need: Peanut Shaped Cookies, White Frosting (or Marshmallow Fluff), Chocolate Chips. Using peanut shaped cookies, spread with white frosting or marshmallow fluff.

Add chocolate chips for eyes and nose. Ghost Potatoes You will need: Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, Cookie Sheet, Butter. Hand sculpt mashed potatoes to look like a ghost.

Place them on an oiled cookie sheet, brush with melted butter, and put in the oven to heat and brown a little.

You can serve it with bat shaped meatloaf (using a bat cookie cutter of course). Spooky Sandwich Puzzles You will need: Peanut Butter, Bread, Cookie Cutters. Have the children make their own peanut butter sandwiches with two pieces of bread.

Give each child a Halloween cookie cutter and let them press the shape out of the center of their sandwich.

Now have a Spooky Sandwich Puzzle. Mummy’s Case Note from Baloo—I would check the crescent roll package on temperature to bake these at.

Probably a typo in this book it called for oven temp to be 25 degrees.

I bumped another 0 on the end put this is probably to low. You will need: 1 pkg Crescent Rolls, Baco-bits, 6 Hot Dogs, 4 Slices American Cheese. Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

Cut 2 hot dogs in half, first one way, then the other so that you have 8 pieces.

Take crescent rolls out of can and unroll.

Divide into four rectangles and close holes in the middle by pinching together.

Put 1 slice of cheese on each rectangle.

Sprinkle 1 tsp of baco-bits on top of each slice of cheese.

Put 1 hot dog on top of each slice of cheese.

Seal edges by pressing dough together.

Form into mummy shape.

Make bandage marks with knife.

Put on ungreased cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes.

Poke eyeholes with straw. Candy Popcorn 2 cups sugar 1 cup light syrup (white corn, Karo) 2/3 cup margarine 2 pkg.

Koolaid 1 tsp soda Boil the sugar, syrup and margarine together for 3 minutes.

Stir in soda and Koolaid.

Pour over 6 quarts of popcorn.

Bake at 225 F for 45 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.

Remove from the oven and break up immediately.

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